CSGN 2030 Delivery Plan Launched

The 2030 CSGN Delivery Plan (DP30) outlines the Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) Partners’ priorities for the next phase of delivering one of Europe’s biggest green infrastructure projects – covering approximately 10,000 square kilometres and seeking to transform Central Scotland by 2050.

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Climate Change & the Ecological Crisis

CSGN partners Glasgow and Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership have released an informative video that highlights the importance of nature based solutions and how Green Infrastructure can contribute to climate resilience.

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Scottish Government publishes Statement of Intent on biodiversity

14 December saw the publication of the Scottish Government’s Scottish Biodiversity Strategy post-2020: statement of intent. This document signals the Government’s ambitions for Scotland, in tackling the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss and sets out how those ambitions will be translated into Scotland’s post-2020 biodiversity strategy and delivery plan.

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CSGN Update - Increasing Woodland Cover

Increasing woodland cover – carbon capture and so much more.

What better time to review the scale of delivery to date and to highlight the ways in which the Green Action Trust is driving forward the delivery of the CSGN both through direct delivery and by supporting partner organisations.

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