CSGN Development Fund

About the CSGN Development Fund 2017/2018

The 2017/2018 CSGN Development Fund is managed by the Central Scotland Green Network Trust, with funding provided by Forestry Commission Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage, Transport Scotland and the Scottish Government, Food and Drink. It aids the development and implementation of projects delivering the Central Scotland Green Network on the ground.


The CSGN Development Fund is now closed to applications.


Project Eligibility

Projects should fit broadly with the CSGN vision and with the priorities set out below. Projects that impact on more than one priority may be viewed more favourably, as will projects that focus on vacant and derelict land and/or disadvantaged communities.


  • Projects that deliver or lead to woodland creation, management or enhancement, especially for community use
  • Projects with communities that help maintain previously funded CSGN capital investments in woodland infrastructure
  • WIAT projects comprising capital works that don’t have an FGS WIG Standard Cost

Community Growing:

  • Formal or informal food growing projects with a focus on community lead activities or engaging local communities and encouraging the Good Food Nation ethos (that people in Scotland are able to buy, eat and serve food that is affordable, healthy and sustainable)

Strategic Routes:

  • CSGN Strategic Routes map shows the key opportunities that the fund will support in the following ways:
    • feasibility studies for routes or major sections throughout CSGN
    • capital works in urban areas for route enhancement and development in urban areas (including signage and promotion, and green network creation and enhancement along routes)
  • Supplementary resources provided by SNH:

Active Travel:

  • Projects should focus on improving or creating functional access routes passing through or leading to the development of green networks, greenspace or countryside and associated green infrastructure.

In addition, projects that contribute to the following additional NPF3 outcomes will be prioritised:

  • Vacant & Derelict Land – Greening (including temporary greening) of vacant or derelict land registered on the Scottish Vacant and Derelict Land Register.
  • Disadvantaged Communities – Community growing, environmental or access improvements. These projects are likely to be located in or immediately adjacent to communities in the 15% most deprived datazones (nationally) according to the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation.

Feasibility and project research:

  • Where your project is a feasibility project or research gathering please describe how your outputs will impact on delivery of the CSGN and within what time frame.


Previous Projects Awarded Funding

You can read about each of the projects that has received Development Funding in our Project Archive.

In addition the following reports provide an annual overview of the funds.

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Additionally, a selection of projects that have been successful in securing CSGN funding have been developed into case studies and might interest you if you are considering applying in future.