Funding Available for Peatland Restoration Projects

Peatland Restoration

The carbon stored in Scotland's soils is equivalent to over 180 years of greenhouse gas emissions from Scotland at current emission rates.

Restoring peat-forming habitat which has been drained or damaged helps ensure that they remain as long-term sinks rather than sources of greenhouse gases.

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Regeneration Capital Grant Fund Open for Applications

Funding Scotland

The Regeneration Capital Grant Fund is a £25m fund to help transform disadvantaged areas. From 2014/2015 it will support projects by providing grant support for new and or improved infrastructure to enhance the economic, social and physical environment of communities.

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Business Case Study Roadshow

Green Business

We realise the ambitions of the CSGN can't be delivered by us working with our traditional public sector partners, we have to target and engage with businesses - encouraging them to take up sustainable 'green' practices and helping us to make the CSGN a reality.

Over the past year the CSGN Support Unit has been working with 10 businesses in Central Scotland which have all benefited from investing in their greenspace. Sometimes these are direct benefits via tourism other times the benefits are more subtle such as a reducing staff turn-over. Output from this research includes a series 2-page summaries and 4-page reports – from the Green Network Businesses section of our website.

We are now about to take this research out on the road.

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CSGN Forum 2013 - Final Programme

We are looking forward to seeing you at this year’s CSGN Forum. As well as our fantastic speakers, we how have our list of soap box speakers and three delegates with exciting concepts have been selected to make presentations to win up to £5,000 in our CSGN Ideas Fund.  The audience will have the chance to pick the winner. The last few places are going fast so don’t forget to book your place.

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Green Network Planning Guidance

snhgreennetworkguidanceTwo new Information Notes Green Networks and Development Planning and Integrated Habitat Networks are now available on the Scottish Natural Heritage website.

A power point with Green Network planning case studies is also available on this page under the related links to the right hand side.

Together the notes set out the benefits of Green Networks and Integrated Habitat Networks (IHN) in Development Planning. The IHN note provides a straightforward reference point for planners for IHN related documents and guidance. A map viewer showing IHN data is also available, along with specific CSGN Key Messages notes explain how to interpret the mapping.