Growing Spaces Survey Spotlight - Pacitti Community Garden

In this on-going piece of research we are turning to the ‘grow your own’ community to help map spaces that they are using to grow food. Participants are being asked to show us where their allotments, orchards and community gardens are using an easy to use online mapping survey.


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Growing Spaces Survey Launched

In this ground breaking piece of research, we are asking community organisations and individuals to literally put their growing spaces on the map.

Members of the ‘grow your own’ community are being asked to complete a brief online survey. Participants will be able to trace the boundary and entrances of their allotments, orchards and community gardens as well as answering a few questions about their spaces.

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Demystifying Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure is a term that encompasses quite a broad scope. Its ‘catch-all’ nature is often difficult to define. The UK Green Building Council has published a report which aims to bring together information that currently exists on the subject to provide an easy to use guide.

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