Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing sites have made their mark recently across several sectors, notably in the arts and technology. The public and corporate worlds are pledging funds or services in kind to get projects they’re interested in off the ground. With more and more of these sites appearing, we’re now seeing encouraging examples of how environmental projects stand to benefit from this social media opportunity.

From street-long waterslides in Bristol funded via Spacehive, to the many community garden projects in New York funded via IOBY, locals are taking the opportunity to get involved with initiatives they want to see happen. The opportunities for innovation both in the projects as well as the crowdfunding sites are quite impressive. One interesting site we’ve seen is which allows charities and communities to source corporate support for their projects. This social media site allows you to map your project to help enlist local community support to promote it. Companies seeking opportunities to get involved with community projects are able to monitor this site via their profiles and back projects with their time, money or resources.

If you’ve had any experience with crowdsourcing or funding your projects, or know of other useful site, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us about it.