In early August 2014, a workshop was held in Linlithgow to explore the definition of disadvantaged communities/areas in terms of the CSGN. It also considered which datasets would enable disadvantage areas to be mapped; and to look at the development of criteria which would allow CSGNT to target environmental projects to address each disadvantage.

Thirty-seven people from a wide range of sectors, including several Local Authority departments, health, housing associations, greenspace, conservation and biodiversity and climate change participated in the workshop, which was facilitated by greenspace Scotland.

Discussions at the workshop highlighted some good examples of data analysis already going on in the CSGN area to inform Structure Development Plans, for example the opportunity mapping currently underway by GCVGNP. It also identified a range of national and regional datasets that could contribute towards the mapping process, alongside the SIMD.

The report of the workshop is available here, and the findings are being used to inform the next stage of work on Disadvantaged Areas.