In 2015 Glasgow will hold a Green Year to promote its drive to become one of the most sustainable cities in Europe.

The Green Year concept was born out of Glasgow's bid to be European Green Capital 2015. While Glasgow narrowly missed out on the European title - plans to celebrate the city's journey from an industrial powerhouse to a sustainable city are gathering pace.

Each month of 2015 will have a green theme linked to a programme of public events and a schools education programme. Organisers will work with local environmental organisations and community groups to encourage more people to get involved in sustainability projects and help make Glasgow a Dear Greener Place.


  • January – Improving energy efficiency
  • February – Buying fair and local
  • March – Becoming climate resilient
  • April – Using water wisely
  • May – Being sound smart
  • July – Looking after biodiversity
  • August – Using more public and active transport
  • September – Growing a green economy
  • October – Creating quality open spaces
  • November – Improving air quality
  • December – Managing urban water

To find out more please follow @greenglasgow on twitter or visit the Green Glasgow website.