Pretty Vacant was a Pecha Kucha event run by Architecture and Design Scotland (A+DS) on the subject of temporary use of urban spaces.  This form of event allocates 7 minutes to speakers and they show 20 slides.  Subjects varied from using waste materials to engage the community in creating distinctive spaces, to using vacant spaces as temporary cinemas or for parkour, to innovative food projects such as through community gardens, the Big Lunch campaign or using aquaponics. 

The event was inspiring and thought provoking and summaries of the presentations can be downloaded here with more information,and video clips of the presentations themselves are available from the A+DS website.

A+DS is responsible for managing the Stalled Spaces Scotland, a Legacy 2014 programme aimed at derelict and vacant land, primarily in town centres, to empower people to bring these spaces back into positive use for the benefit for the whole community. 

Further information is available from the A+DS website.