Calderbank report

Central Scotland has a number of small towns and villages that once had busy main streets providing a range of local services that enabled them to be the lifeblood of the community. However, these streets are now more typically a through route for traffic and hostile to pedestrians and other users.

This report, commissioned by Central Scotland Green Network Trust (CSGNT) and carried out by Arup, seeks a new rationale for the main street that provides a number of local benefits which together prioritise sustainability and support the main street as a distinctive and valued place.

Calderbank was selected for this study as it typifies the situation where there is neglected space that can accommodate green infrastructure and increasingly the main street has become a barrier within the community.

Achieving change will require a consensus to be achieved of local people, local businesses, politicians, local authority staff and third sector organisations. Nevertheless, the study illustrates the extent to which beneficial greening can be secured with an approach that is replicable in similar situations.

Download the full report here.