grab a grant

Community Service Volunteers (CSV) have launched this year’s Action Earth campaign in Scotland with over £47,000 of conservation grants to give away.

CSV Action Earth encourages people to make a difference to their local environment by volunteering.

This year’s campaign launched in Glasgow on 17th April with a team of volunteers planting  wildflowers, building bird nesting boxes and holding a children’s Easter egg hunt.

Thanks to a partnership with Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) hundreds of grants from £50-250 are available to individuals, groups, charities, schools and businesses to support environmental projects in their communities following Thursday’s launch.

Katy McTernan , CSV’s Action Earth Manager, said: “Our campaign hopes to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to get outside and improve their local environment. This could be anything from simply planting bulbs to transforming a derelict patch of land or creating a colourful wildflower meadow.

“These grants supported by our partner SNH, help to get environmental projects up and running and CSV can offer support so that everyone in the community can benefit from the end result.”

Since its launch in 2004, the campaign has given out 1,792 grants to a diverse range of projects involving over 43,000 volunteers.

For more information about the Action Earth Grab a Grant funding please visit the CSV website.