Green Roof

The 10,000 RainGardens was one of three projects which bid for the Ideas Fund at the CSGN Forum in 2013.

Whilst it was unsuccessful on the day, there was a willingness to take the idea forward and discussions with the Scottish Green Roof Forum (SGRF) during 2013 brought about agreement to develop the idea further.

Early in 2014, the SGRF  secured funding from the ClimateXChange grant scheme run through Heriot-Watt University for a feasibility study into the potential for a 10,000 RainGardens campaign in Scotland.

The feasibility study was designed to scope the potential nature of a Scottish 10,000 RainGardens initiative; identifying its focus, the participants, the leaders, and key component elements and actions; alongside the anticipated benefits for Scotland.  The study did this by establishing baseline data on existing RainGardens; holding workshops; semi-structured interviews with a range of stakeholders; and online surveys (through survey monkey and appropriate LinkedIn groups).

The study concluded that there is significant interest in a RainGardens education and awareness-raising initiative. Such an initiative would catalyse a culture change in relation to green infrastructure, water attenuation and ecosystem service. The study recommended that a 10,000 RainGardens initiative should be nationally led and delivered at the local authority level, and that current and planned work programmes provided and excellent opportunity to launch a campaign in Spring 2015.

The SGRF is now looking at how to take forward the recommendations in the report.