SNH funding

SNH is drawing together a funding bid to deliver a programme of Green Infrastructure (GI) development.  This would form part of Scotland’s programme for European and Structural Investment Funds 2014-2020.  The proposal will support a number of strategic projects with a total value of approximately £40 million over the seven year programme. 

If successful, the EU funding could provide about £15m towards these projects. These will cover activities such as:

  • greening cities (e.g. sustainable urban drainage schemes, investing in public parks and local nature reserves, restoration of urban water courses, natural flood management);
  • green recreation and health (e.g. green exercise projects including green gyms, health walks, path networks on urban rivers, canals and loch corridors); 
  • access to nature (e.g. increasing access for all to green infrastructure particularly through improving greenspaces in areas of multiple deprivation)
  • green corridors (e.g. creating wildlife corridors through joining up green sites within and around Scotland’s cities);
  • vacant and derelict land (e.g. improving safe access to vacant land, transforming  vacant and derelict land into functional green space);
  • community growing (eg creating new allotments, orchards, community gardens)

Over the next couple of weeks SNH will be completing their discussions with potential partners. They are interested to hear about potential projects that are strategic in scale and of a sufficient size to make an impact. The programme should include projects that are ready to go in the first half of the programme period (2014-2016), and that partners could provide match funding for. If you have are developing a project which you feel could contribute to the bid, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..