wetland award

The CIWEM Sustainable Wetland of the Year Award recognises multi-functional projects that demonstrate the sustainable use of wetland habitats. The award was previously named the Living Wetlands Award and was co-founded with the RSPB in 2002/3.

Wetlands deliver a huge range of benefits to human society, from the natural filtering of wastewater to eco-tourism and from storing carbon to hosting important pollinators. The CIWEM Sustainable Wetland of the Year Award seeks to highlight UK projects which demonstrate wise use and the sustainable delivery of multiple benefits.

The prize consists of the Mance Memorial Trophy (a specially-commissioned bronze trophy of a snipe), publicity for the winning scheme, a framed certificate and a cheque for £1,500.

For further information about eligible projects, please consult the award's entry form, which is available on the CIWEM website

The applications deadline is on 11 April 2014.