Urban Greening

A new national policy statement on architecture has stressed the importance of enriching people's lives through quality buildings and places.

Launched on the 24th June, 'Creating Places' aims to make good design and placemaking 'material considerations in determining planning applications'.

Culture secretary Fiona Hyslop said: 'With a stronger emphasis on 'place' than ever before, this statement shows the important role that the built and natural environment play in supporting issues such as, improving our health and achieving stronger and more effective engagement with our communities.

'Importantly, this publication also shows our commitment to supporting our architecture and design sector. Together, we want to ensure that Scotland's buildings and places enrich our lives, lessen our environmental impact and contribute to our cultural and national identity.'

'Overall, it sets out the Scottish Government's ambition for quality places throughout Scotland where people thrive for generations to come.'

The policy sets out a key role for Architecture + Design Scotland (A+DS) in promoting and policing the policy. A+DS chair Karen Anderson said: 'By shaping our places, architecture also says who we are as a nation. Architecture and placemaking can help us address the economic, social and environmental challenges we face in Scotland. This policy clearly demonstrates the Scottish Government's commitment to architecture and place in Scotland."

For more information on the the national policy on architecture, visit the Scottish Government website.