Vacant and Derelict Land

Glasgow has been named the winner of the City to City Barcelona FAD (Fostering Arts and Design) Award 2013 for the council's Stalled Space Initiative.

This project received CSGN Development Funding in 2010 to support seven stalled spaces projects throughout Glasgow. This support has enabled the Initiative to provide additional resources to projects, adding value and encouraging community ownership.

The project grew out of attempts to revamp sites in the city left empty by the onset of the credit crunch.

The City to City Barcelona FAD Award, a prize awarded by Barcelona City Hall and the FAD (Fostering Arts and Design), each year recognises the urban transformation experienced by a particular city.

Through the award, the jury commended Glasgow's work in promoting the temporary use land in the city which currently have no function and facilitating there transformation into spaces managed by the community through an urban revitalising process for a variety of uses.

Also commended was the initiative's success in empowering residents to take over the vacant sites and the dynamism and temporary nature of the actions.

Special praise was reserved for the Development and Regeneration Services and their management of the Stalled Spaces Initiative. The jury highlighted the exemplary management structure of taking over a space and placing it centre stage, and making it a financially viable initiative that contributes to the creation of communal spirit, social cohesion and to putting down roots.

Baillie Liz Cameron, European Green Capital 2015 bid champion, Glasgow City Council, said: "This prestigious award is a fitting recognition of the council's work in transforming derelict spaces and involving the local communities.

"This follows recognition at a national level with the Scottish Government recognising the Initiative by presenting a Scottish Quality in Planning Award for community participation.

"The jury was particularly impressed that this is not an isolated initiative but rather forms part of the Glasgow Open Space Strategy and the City Council Strategic Plan 2012-2017.

"Above all, we are seeking, through the improvement of the spaces, open to the people of Glasgow, to activate the economy and the vitality of our communities.

"Glasgow is acting as a role model, inspiring other cities and promoting best practice to other European cities. As a council, we are committed to ongoing and ambitious goals for further environmental and sustainable developments."

More information on the Glasgow Stalled Spaces project is available on the CSGN website.