Green Business

We realise the ambitions of the CSGN can't be delivered by us working with our traditional public sector partners, we have to target and engage with businesses - encouraging them to take up sustainable 'green' practices and helping us to make the CSGN a reality.

Over the past year the CSGN Support Unit has been working with 10 businesses in Central Scotland which have all benefited from investing in their greenspace. Sometimes these are direct benefits via tourism other times the benefits are more subtle such as a reducing staff turn-over. Output from this research includes a series 2-page summaries and 4-page reports – from the Green Network Businesses section of our website.

We are now about to take this research out on the road.

Over the coming months look out for the 'Your Business, Your Greenspace Opportunity' CSGN stand. In June we'll be in at the Scottish Skills Conference, Linlithgow on the 4th, Falkirk Business Exhibition on 21st and the Royal Highland Show 20-23rd.  Come see us and find out how businesses near you have been gaining a commercial advantage from investing in their greenspace.

For more information please contact Stephen Hughes in the CSGN Support Unit.