'Green Infrastructure – An integrated approach to land use' was launched by the Landscape Institute at this year’s Ecobuild event. This new position document, which follows on from the first statement in 2009, showcases a range of strategic Green Infrastructure (GI) work and completed projects from around the UK. These projects clearly demonstrate how the use of GI can tackle a range of critical issues from public health and well-being to social cohesion, food and energy security and climate change mitigation and adaption.

Using examples from across the UK, the position statement sets out the argument for investing in GI, and explains the functions of and benefits of GI. It examines a strategic approach to GI and sets out six recommendations to deliver the next generation of GI projects:

  1. Turn strategic GI thinking into reality
  2. Promote collaboration on GI across boundaries
  3. New developments should make a contribution to GI
  4. Champion GI that is planned, designed and managed effectively
  5. Ensure GI is well-funded for ongoing management and maintenance
  6. Raise awareness of how GI can deliver multiple benefits simultaneously, from boosting the bottom line to mitigating the effects of climate change.

More details on the Landscape Institute's recommendations for Green Infrastructure are available on the Landscape Institute website.