SEPA has launched a consultation into Flood Risk Management Planning running until 22nd March 2013. Responses on this consultation will be used to produce Flood Risk Management Strategies for 2015-2021, draft documents for which will be available for consultation from December 2014.

Working in partnership with local authorities and Scottish Water, SEPA will produce the first Flood Risk Management (FRM) strategies for 2015-2021 in Scotland. These strategies are the means by which flood risk will be management more effectively in Scotland, using a sustainable approach.

The first step in the process is the publication of the document Flood Risk Management Planning in Scotland: Statement of Consultation Arrangements. This statement fulfils section 30 of the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009 and it outlines the engagement activity they will undertake to prepare the FRM strategies, including a consultation on the draft documents in December 2014.

The purpose of this statement is to outline the consultation arrangements for the first FRM strategies 2015-2021. In setting out these arrangements SEPA hope that public bodies with an interest in flood risk management get in touch with their views and begin to plan their work accordingly. Comments are also welcome from members of the public.

 More details on the consultation are available on the SEPA website.