The Scottish Green Roof Forum has re-vamped and re-launched its website in January 2013, and is asking for feedback, comments and suggested content for the new site.

The aim of the SGRF is to provide a hub for collation and dissemination of information on Green roofs, walls and streets in Scotland. The members of the forum represent a cross-section of organisations with an interest in promoting green roofs as a sustainable development technique, and in providing opportunity for discussion and influence at all levels of interest.

Following a growth in the interest in green roofs, and an increase in the number of enquiries via the old site, the Scottish Green Roof Forum (SGRF) has re-vamped and re-launched its website. There is now more information on green roofs in general, the technical aspects, their benefits etc, and links to guidance, best practice and case studies of green roofs in the UK.

The SGRF are now asking for feedback on the new website, how useful it is and if it provides the right sort of information for people interested in installing green roofs. The Forum as also encouraging people to supply news articles, guidance and information on events that the website can help to promote and would be of interest to its readers

The Scottish Green Roof Forum website contains further information on feeding back your comments.