SNH, on behalf of FCS and the CSGN Partnership Board, made a formal submission to the Scottish Government to nominate the CSGN initiative in the next iteration of the National Planning Framework, known as NPF3.

In the nomination letter, SNH highlighted that the:”CSGN is a long-term project to make central Scotland a more attractive place in which to live, work and invest. CSGN contributes to the Government’s overall purpose of making Scotland a more successful country, with opportunities for all to flourish, through sustainable economic growth. Investing in CSGN is part of the wider preventative-spend agenda. The green infrastructure benefits from the CSGN (such as health improvement, flood prevention or climate change mitigation and adaptation) will help to reduce demand on future Government spend.” And that the: “good practice emerging from the CSGN can also help with planning for the improvement of the broader green infrastructure resource in other parts of Scotland...”

As well as our own submission, the CSGN was nominated a further 6 times by other organisations including the Healthy Environment Network and a number of Councils and NGOs.

We are now turning our thoughts to how best to respond to the Main Issues Report due to be released for consultation June 2013 and how to make the most of the good will of partners wishing to see the CSGN retained and strengthened in NPF3. This may include hosting another CSGN focused consultation event following the publication of the Main Issues Report (if you think this would be useful This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), preparing spatial mapping and information on CSGN achievements so far.