By the closing date of 11 January, well in excess of 200 schools and nurseries had applied for funding. So far, on behalf of the funders Forestry Commission Scotland, we have awarded payments to 155 schools to the value of £52,000.

Early applicants have started feeding back and we hope to share some of their experiences on the website in the coming months. Funding to buy water proof clothing has been one of the main requests this year.

Feedback From Prospect Bank Special School

We were very aware that our full participation in outdoor learning was hampered by a lack of wet weather clothing. A trip to the woods on a rainy day last year was a great success – the children loved the sensory experience of splashing in the puddles and squelching in mud, but with no waterproofs we had some very soggy children to bring back to school.

We bought a full class set of waterproofs – dungarees and jackets. This means we don’t need to worry about who has brought their waterproofs (if they even have them) and we know our trips can go ahead, whatever the weather. The children have been wearing them for wet playtimes too, so they can get out in the fresh air and run around.

We are looking forward to further adventures with our new waterproofs, and hoping for some snowy days soon! The amount of the grant ensured that we were able to buy good quality waterproofs, which should last us for many years to come. Now we just need to kit out the staff…..

Thank you from Chestnut, Oak, Sycamore, Beech, Rowan and Willow classes, Prospect Bank Special School