Recently the Scottish Government set out its plans and a timetable to prepare a new National Planning Framework, NPF3.

In response, the CSGN Partnership Board and lead partners are taking steps to make the case for the CSGN to remain as a National Development in NPF3. The first step is to submit a nomination proposal form for the CSGN to remain as a National Development to the Scottish Government by 14 December 2014.

NPF3panel npf3networking2

To help inform our application we held an event on 19 November to allow stakeholders the opportunity to input into the nomination process. Attendees were asked to provide their thoughts and ideas on:

  • What difference has CSGN being a National Development in NPF2 made so far?
  • Where has there been good progress in delivering the CSGN? Where less so?
  • What are we hoping for from NPF3 to support the on-going delivery of the CSGN? What do we not want?

Informal feedback from those who attended was in the main positive and we now have been given lots of ideas and food for thought for the renomination process and beyond. The workshops are being written up and a report on the day will be made available shortly.

If you were not at the event and would like to give us an informal input please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..