The Scottish Government is consulting on how our architecture and places can help provide a better quality of life and better position Scotland on the world stage. As a starting point for discussion, the consultation document considers 4 key themes around which the policy could contribute and asks a set of 12 related questions. Responses are invited by 7 September.

The consultation document identifies four key themes around which the policy on architecture and placemaking could contribute to the future shape of Scotland:

  • Supporting sustainable economic growth
  • Shaping Scotland’s future
  • Embedding built environment design into wider policy agendas and ensuring public and private sector buy-in
  • Recognising the cultural value of architecture, urbanism and heritage


The consultation document briefly elaborates each of these themes and sets out a number of related questions on which the Scottish Government welcomes the views.

Comments on broader aspects of these issues and on any other areas that have not been specifically identified in the document are also welcomed.

Written responses are invited by 7 September. More details are available on the Scottish Government Website.