- Planting a tree for the Jubilee at Cumbernauld Community Park. Iain Moss / Woodland Trust Photo Library

Three large new native woods are being created in central Scotland as part of the Woodland Trust’s Jubilee Woods project. The Woodland Trust has worked with local authorities in Stirling and North Lanarkshire, and Ayrshire landowner Mark Gibson to create the Borrowmeadow Farm, North Lanarkshire, and Shalloch Diamond Woods, each over 60 acres in size.

Across the UK, 60 Diamond Woods, each over 60 acres in size, are being created to celebrate the Jubilee. These will be joined by 25 Princess Woods and more than 250 smaller Jubilee Woods, each one contributing to a total of 6 million trees planted across the UK to mark the Queen’s Jubilee.

The Woodland Trust Scotland (WTS) can offer help to communities and landowners who want to create their own native woods. Depending on the size of the wood WTS can offer services such as free advice and support, tree packs, and help navigating the woodland grants system.

More information about the Woodland Trust Scotland is available on their website.