A new grant to help prepare productive woodland creation proposals is now available from Forestry Commission Scotland.  The aim of the Planning Grant is to promote productive woodland planting by ensuring that woodland creation proposals are based on good knowledge of the sensitivities and local issues and are well integrated with other land objectives so as to secure multiple benefits.

The Planning Grant will be available from 10 January 2012, for an initial 12 month period at which point FCS will assess uptake.

The grant is available for the three productive planting options:

  • Woodland Creation - Productive Conifer - Low Cost
  • Woodland Creation - Productive Conifer - High Cost
  • Woodland Creation - Productive Broadleaf Woodland

It is available for planting proposals for 30 hectares or more.  Grant rate is £100/ha with a maximum payment of £20,000.

Applicant's Guidance, an application and claim forms are available from Forestry Commission Scotland Planning Grant website page