Following on from last year’s success, Stirling-based environmental charity Forth Environment Link has announced the launch of another year’s funding of the Central Scotland Green Network Orchard Grant Scheme 2011/2012.

The scheme, supported by the Central Scotland Green Network Development Fund 2011, aims to encourage landowners, land managers, community groups, organisations and agencies to establish and manage orchards, and increase orchard biodiversity.  It will cover the whole of the Central Scotland Green Network area across nineteen local authority areas from Stirling to South Ayrshire, and from North Ayrshire to East Lothian.

FEL Executive Director, Jane Cullingworth said, “We are absolutely delighted to be hosting the grant scheme for a second year.  The community take up last year was very strong.  With an increased level of funding and resourcing this year the scheme can make a significant impact on our environment, making the central belt of Scotland an orchard rich area.” 

Forth Environment Link Project Officer, Diane Alderdice said, “Over 400 fruit trees of eight different species and over 80 varieties were planted last year over an estimated eight hectares, which considerably adds to the total orchard habitat area across the Central Scotland Green Network.

The grant scheme is about a lot more than trees.  Orchards bring individuals together; they strengthen communities as well as benefiting our environment.  We look forward to this grant scheme continuing to build and bring joy to our communities.”

For more information see our funding page.