In this on-going piece of research we are turning to the ‘grow your own’ community to help map spaces that they are using to grow food. Participants are being asked to show us where their allotments, orchards and community gardens are using an easy to use online mapping survey.


So far several community growing groups have responded and we able to outline their project area and access points on a map. This enables us to do some important analysis relating to the local population.

One such group is the Pacitti Community Garden operating in the Southside of Glasgow. This initiative is owned by and donated by local businesses operating in partnership with the Local Council. It’s been running for about 2 years and has been successful in accessing grants from organisations such as the Big Lottery Fund. It has become a great community asset to the area, offering the chance for local residents to meet, and grow produce together.

Visit our online survey to add your growing space, or help us promote the survey by forwarding this link: