Small scale, big impact: retrofitting and enhancing green infrastructure - 11 Oct 2017

Location London

As demand for new homes rises, our towns and cities are becoming more densely populated. How can we make the most of the increasingly limited opportunities for green infrastructure in our urban areas? 

Green infrastructure - such as parks, green spaces, trees, and sustainable drainage - are vital if our urban areas are to be attractive, healthy, liveable places. But finding the space for green infrastructure is becoming increasingly difficult.

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Community Woodlands Association Annual Conference – 20-21 October 2017

Location: Cumbernauld

This year’s CWA conference will take place on Friday 20th & Saturday 21st October 2017 at the Westwood Hotel, Cumbernauld. There will be a change to the usual format this year: the conference will start on Friday and the CWA will be welcoming groups from the rest of the UK who are involved in the Making Local Woods Work project. This Lottery-funded project aims to help people create social enterprises in local unmanaged woodlands so they can grow into sustainable businesses, creating new areas of employment and training to benefit their communities. This project hopes to open up much-needed access to the natural environment to provide opportunities for economic growth and encourages better engagement with the outdoors, resulting in better health and wellbeing for those involved.

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