A Place in Balance

‘Creating an environment more in balance, one that will support Central Scotland to thrive in a changing climate’.


  • An environment that can adapt to climate change
  • Communities which function well and can cope with change
  • Properly maintained natural resources cost less to maintain
  • Natural resources are valued and managed
  • A region in greater carbon balance


  • Increasing woodland cover in line with the Scottish Forestry Strategy target
  • Supporting water catchment and coastal zone management
  • Reducing the effect of climate change by capturing, storing and retaining carbon (for example, through protecting peatland, planting trees and other land-management practices)
  • Investing in our public parks, tree planting, roof gardens and other forms of sustainable urban drainage to improve the green infrastructure of our major towns and cities

Who will benefit:

  • People will be less exposed to the effects of a changing climate
  • Disadvantaged communities as they see environmental inequalities being reduced
  • Businesses through measures to reduce the amount of energy and water they use
  • The public sector as the costs associated with dealing with the effects of climate change (for example, flood defences) are kept as low as possible.

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