August 1, 2010 - November 30, 2010

International Children's Games 2011 Legacy Project

North Lanarkshire
Woodland Creation
CSGN Development Fund
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Lead Partners:
Central Scotland Forest Trust (CSFT)
North Lanarkshire Council, Forestry Commission Scotland,


In 2011 North and South Lanarkshire Councils jointly hosted the International Children's Games. Due to the numbers of participants and additional staff attending the event from around the world, there was a concern about the increase in the carbon footprint of the area.

Project background

A steering group consisting of representatives from North and South Lanarkshire councils, Central Scotland Forest Trust (CSFT) and Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS), was established. It considered ways to minimise the carbon footprint of the Games and identified the use of carbon capture through the planting of trees as one possible option. 

How the project was delivered

Arup Scotland was commissioned by CSFT to identify five possible sites for amenity tree planting. The process involved the desk based assessment of sites recorded through the Scottish Vacant and Derelict Land Survey (SVDLS) dataset. Each site was awarded a score according to pre-agreed key socio-economic and technical issue and the top five rated sites were proposed for further assessment.

Project outcomes

The study identified five vacant and derelict sites in North Lanarkshire for amenity tree planting. Whilst the sites identified were not planted in time for the International Children’s Games, the greening of vacant and derelict land continues to be an ambition for both North and South Lanarkshire Councils and it is hoped that these projects will implemented if further funding becomes available.

CSGN Support and Learning

This study was funded through the 2010 CSGN Development Fund. It sought to identify opportunities for woodland creation on vacant and derelict land, a key theme for the CSGN. It has also provided a basis on which to develop methodologies for a number of other studies of vacant and derelict land in the CSGN area.

Future development of project

Whilst none of the priority sites identified in the study have been subject to greening interventions, CSFT continues to collaborate with North Lanarkshire Council to implement woodland creation projects.

Funding Details:

Year Fund Value
2010 CSGN Development Fund 7,500