Priorities for Delivery

The CSGN is being delivered by an active network of national agencies, regional organisations, local authorities, local delivery bodies, and wider stakeholders, adding substantial value by combining expertise, resources and people to realise ambitious projects.

The long term delivery of the CSGN is a win-win-win for the economy, for people and for the environment. With the evidence and track record of projects that are making a difference to people’s well-being, the CSGN is demonstrating what it can achieve for Central Scotland.

With greater public and private sector support we can do more. We need your help.

Download our full Priorities for Delivery document:

For the Vision to be realised by 2050, the CSGN needs:

  1. Continued championing by politicians, local councillors, public health directors and others to further raise awareness of its benefits and advocate its delivery.
  2. Active commitment of public sector funders to provide capital and revenue resources, and improved partnership working to develop integrated funding approaches. This will ensure that every budget makes some contribution to green network delivery, e.g. regeneration, transport and health.
  3. Capacity to be available in our delivery bodies and partner organisations to help support local communities so they can play their part in shaping the design, delivery and management of their local green network.
  4. The private sector, especially landowners, to develop or manage their land in ways which will deliver the CSGN. Kick-starting action might involve developing incentives to engage businesses in the delivery or management of green infrastructure and the greening of vacant and derelict land.
  5. Employability, training and/or volunteering programmes using the creation of the green network to offer positive opportunities for disadvantaged individuals and engaging large number of people in caring for their local environment.

How you can help

If you are interested helping with one or more of the above points, you can contact:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Director for Strategic Development at the Green Action Trust on 01501 824770.

You can write to your local councillor or MSP: is a quick and easy way to contact your local representative.

You can raise awareness by tweeting about this campaign, or using other channels such as Facebook or a newsletter that you distribute.

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