Stuart is a chartered town planner with extensive experience spanning over 25 years in development planning both at the local and strategic levels. He has an BA (Hons) degree in Planning from Glasgow School of Art/Glasgow University and is currently the Manager of the Glasgow and the Clyde Valley Strategic Development Planning Authority.

Stuart manages a team tasked with delivering the Strategic Development Plan for the Glasgow and Clyde Valley city-region on behalf of its eight constituent local authorities. The Strategic Development Plan sets out a development strategy over the next 20 years of where new development should be located and a policy framework to help deliver sustainable economic growth, shape good quality places and enhance the quality of life in the Glasgow and the Clyde Valley city region. The Plan focuses on growing the economy of the city region in a low carbon and sustainable manner and setting out a planning framework which positively encourages investment within Glasgow and the Clyde Valley. This process involves engagement through joint working and consultation with a number of key stakeholder organisations and the wider community.

Stuart chairs the Glasgow and the Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership Board and is also board member of the Metropolitan Glasgow Strategic Drainage Plan Board.

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Our Vision for Central Scotland

‘By 2050, Central Scotland has been transformed into a place where the environment adds value to the economy and where people’s lives are enriched by its quality.’

The Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) will change the face of Central Scotland, by restoring and transforming the landscape of an area stretching from Ayrshire and Inverclyde in the west, to Fife and the Lothians in the east.

The CSGN is a national development within the National Planning Framework which aims to make ‘a significant contribution to Scotland's sustainable economic development’. It involves public agencies and stakeholders working together to align their policies, programmes and actions to achieve a common aim.